How to build a swimming pool

Build your Swimming Pool with Nicole

Nicole build her own swimming pool in her backyard in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht in the Netherlands.
In America it’s called a plunge. Follow the construction on this website and watch the videos of the construction of the swimming pool on YouTube.How to paint your swimming pool

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Episode 1: >> The idea and The digging

Episode 2: >> Concrete floor

Episode 3: >> Concrete walls

Episode 4: >> Skimmer and inlet

Episode 5: >> Plaster the walls

Episode 6: >> To tile the swimming pool

Episode 7: >> How to level a floor

Episode 8: >> How to paint a swimming pool

Episode 9: >> How to pour tiles for border swimming pool

Episode 10: >> Laying tiles on border swimming pool

Episode 11: >> Install swimming pool pump and filter

Episode 12-1: >> Terrace around the swimming pool

Last episode 12-2: >> Swimming pool ready