How to build a swimming pool

Build your Swimming Pool with Nicole

Nicole built her own swimming pool in her backyard in Amsterdam-Duivendrecht in the Netherlands.
In America it’s called a plunge or tiny pool. Follow the construction on this website and watch the videos of the construction of the swimming pool on YouTube.How to paint your swimming pool

Full version How to build a swimming pool

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Nicole Michael

That’s the name of our channel on YouTube: Nicole Michael.
You will find videos with many of our DIY jobs in and around the house.

Build your own pool under $ 5,000

What does it cost to build your own swimming pool. Watch the video with all steps to build your own plunge. Including all materials and all equipment.

Video with costs and materials

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Watch a videos on YouTube

Episode 1: >> The idea and The digging

Episode 2: >> Concrete floor

Episode 3: >> Concrete walls

Episode 4: >> Skimmer and inlet

Episode 5: >> Plaster the walls

Episode 6: >> To tile the swimming pool

Episode 7: >> How to level a floor

Episode 8: >> How to paint a swimming pool

Episode 9: >> How to pour tiles for border swimming pool

Episode 10: >> Laying tiles on border swimming pool

Episode 11: >> Install swimming pool pump and filter

Episode 12-1: >> Terrace around the swimming pool

Last episode 12-2: >> Swimming pool ready

How to keep the water clean and clear?
>> Automatic Dosing System Swimming Pool – How to install