Living Inspiration and DIY advice

If you want to renovate or build something in or around your house and you need advice or inspiration, you can contact me.

If you have bought a house or want to renovate and you do not know how to implement all your wishes in certain rooms and spaces, I will gladly help you on your way.
If you want to build a swimming pool or a plunge (or have it built), I know what to think about and what you encounter.

Large or small spaces, there is a solution for everything. My knowledge:

  • Practical design
  • Make optimum use of space
  • Housing inspiration
  • Do it!

I use fixed rates for job questions and home inspiration.
If I visit you for advice, I will give you the price if I have visited you. I do charge the travel costs and the hourly rate. If I make a comprehensive recommendation for you, these costs will be settled in price.

Ask by e-mail
45.00 euros per job advice or home inspiration
(Max. 1 subject. Answer max. 2 A4 pages)

Telephone advice
45.00 euros per telephone Klusadvies or Wooninspiratie
(Max. 1 subject. Call max. 1 hour)

Hourly rate
90.00 euros

Travel allowance + hourly rate

Extensive advice
Request a quote

Speaking at company at congress
Request a quote

Project advice and home inspiration